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What Are The Top Three Best Stock Trading Apps?

Stock trading apps enable you to track accounts and trades anywhere using your mobile device. The trading software now includes several new features, including a management tool for additional funds, daily market news, personalizing the home screen, and many other functions.

Entering financial markets is hard, and you may need a great platform. We did a lot of research to find the best trading apps. 

In this guide, you'll learn about the best stock trading apps. It will help you choose the right one. Let's discuss the best stock trading apps you need to know to trade.

1. Robinhood

Founded in 2013, Robinhood is a free trading platform that makes trading stock easy. It works on both iOS and Android devices.

With 21 million customers and more than $102 billion in assets, the app provides customers with a "simple, friendly, and approachable" experience.


There is no minimum investment amount.

Investors with little capital can register a Robinhood account and avoid expenses. Robinhood has no minimum balance restrictions, so you may begin investing now.

Buy Cryptocurrency

Not all brokerage firms allow you to buy cryptocurrencies. While investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, you may still wish to have this option. Robinhood allows you to purchase digital currency.

Buy Fractional Shares

Some stocks can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars per share. 

Even if you don't have a lot of capital, you can still own a portion of these companies through Robinhood. Because Robinhood allows you to buy fractional shares, you can buy a part of the stock if you can't swing the entire stake. 

Fractional investing helps you develop a diversified portfolio and ensures that a lack of capital doesn't prevent you from owning part of a company of your choice.

Trading On Margin At A Cheap Cost

You can trade on margin if you upgrade your Robinhood account for $5/month. It means that you can borrow money for trading purposes. 

That is a positive thing if you're an experienced investor. However, there are hazards associated with trading on margin, so you must exercise caution if you want to utilize this tool.

Free ATM Withdrawals

Robinhood makes it easy to withdraw funds from your account. You can withdraw money from your account with no fees at over 75,000 ATMs within the Robinhood network.

Automatic Dividend Reinvestment

Some companies share earnings with investors in the form of dividends. You can collect the money and use it as needed when you are entitled to dividends. 

However, Robinhood allows you to set up your account to automatically reinvest your dividends back into the company from whence they came, allowing you to expand your portfolio.

Continuous investment

Just like automatic savings can help you grow your wealth, automatic investing can help you meet your goals. 

You can set up recurring investments with Robinhood. For example, If you want to buy a particular stock worth $50 per week, you can do it easily in Robinhood.

Robinhood offers the best trade execution options. The order management features will allow you to manage your investments.

You will get all the information related to the market, and it will be great for you to know about them. It will help you to know which company you need to invest your money in.

2. Saxo bank

Saxo Bank is a Danish investment bank established in 1992, providing online trading and investment services. Several financial authorities supervise the corporation, including the Danish Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

It is one of the best stock trading platforms and comes with excellent research tools. There are multiple languages you can choose. You can download the app for free on both iOS and Android.


Access To More Than 60,000 Instruments

Saxo Bank provides access to more than 60,000 instruments, including crypto derivatives (depending on your region), micro-futures, and forex options.

Trade Online With SaxoTraderGo

SaxoTraderGo is Saxo Bank's flagship platform. It allows you to manage and execute trades from any device.

SaxoTraderGo has comprehensive trading and investing features and a user-friendly interface. It contains everything a trader needs to navigate the market.

Risk Management

Saxo Bank provides sophisticated order types and account protection measures to help you manage risk effectively.

The Ability To Provide The Best Execution At Scale

Saxo publishes not only its average spread data during trading hours daily but also by order size - highlighting its ability to provide the best execution at scale.

The Saxo Bank Trading App is user-friendly. There are a variety of order types that can help you choose the best trade. It will help you to create the best investment portfolio easily. Also, you will get the option to edit the configuration file.

Its performance metrics help you understand performance and how to increase output. It will be great for you to use this feature to understand your position in the trade.

3. IG

IG Group (IG), founded in 1974 by Stuart Wheeler, is part of IG Group Holdings Plc, a publicly traded conglomerate. It is regulated in six Tier 1 jurisdictions, making it a safe (low-risk) broker for Forex and CFD trading.

With over 178,000 clients globally, an extensive product catalog, competitive fees, long-standing business operations, and an excellent industry reputation, IG has become a global leader in online trading and is currently ranked as the world's top CFD provider.

IG is one of the best trading apps for CFDs and Forex trading. You can trade at different levels. It is easily accessible through the Apple and Google Play stores.

With IG, you can find a plethora of chances on their trading platform, receive immediate help, and build your skills through the IG Academy.


Customizable Trading Alerts

Trading alerts are free, automated, and customized messages that are delivered to you whenever your criteria are met, such as when economic events occur, prices shift, or technical conditions change. 

You'll be able to go on with your day and capitalize on opportunities as they emerge by allowing IG to watch the markets for you.

Quality Service

IG offers over 19,000 tradable instruments. It was awarded best-in-class for offering investments, commissions and fees, mobile and professional trading, and education.

The company offers a high level of customer support in all countries where it is located. The site is well-designed; yet simple in style.

Information about the company is frequently updated, and prices on the world market are constantly monitored.

Diversified Investments

IG offers Smart Portfolios and share-dealing. In addition, it also provides listed derivatives, including options and futures trading in the United States and Europe, as well as foreign exchange and CFD trading (and spread betting for UK clients).

Furthermore, the app provides an interactive chart to help users understand the status of the stocks.

These are the best stock trading apps that we have carefully selected. You can choose the right one according to your situation.

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