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Get a Free $100 Facebook Ads Coupon With Bluehost

Get a Free $100 Facebook Ads Coupon With Bluehost

How to get free advertising vouchers from FaceBook and other PPC vendors

Are you an online marketer? Are you looking to get started with Facebook advertising? 

Getting a free $100 Facebook ads coupon might be a terrific way to start with social media advertising since you can experiment without breaking the bank.

Getting a Free $100 Facebook Ad Coupon

Facebook tries to attract new advertisers to its platform by partnering with web hosting companies. These companies offer these ad vouchers to their customers. 

Bluehost is one of the companies working with Facebook to distribute these vouchers to qualified new customers.

All you have to do to acquire this $100 coupon is go to the Bluehost official website and join up for any of their hosting packages.  You'll receive your free voucher right away.

Google Adwords Coupons And Bing Coupons

Now it is even better. When you sign up, you not only get a free Facebook ad coupon for Facebook ads, but you also get a free $100 Google Adwords coupon and a free $100 Bing search ad coupon. 

It allows you to experiment with paid traffic on three of the most popular paid traffic platforms and learn the ropes risk-free.

How To Get Your Facebook Free ad Credit

If you only want to test some of your ideas, the beautiful thing about these coupons is that you can afford to try something new while knowing that you will not bear the brunt of your failures.

Sign up for Bluehost and grab your freebies now.

Note: You can only redeem Facebook Ads coupons on accounts that are less than two weeks old; similarly, Google Adwords and Bing coupons can only be used on new accounts that you haven't redeemed before; for Google Adwords, you must spend a maximum of $25 for the coupon to take effect.

Facebook Ads – How to Increase Your Chances of Making Money

Many people find it difficult to accept all of the hype about how great Facebook Ads are. But, when you think about it, what Facebook can accomplish for your business isn't that far-fetched.

Compared to other kinds of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, such as Google Adwords and other similar programs, Facebook advertisements are highly novice-friendly, with a less steep learning curve than Google Adwords. 

If you're just getting started with paid traffic, a Facebook ad coupon will give you the best chance of success.

While some may think that Facebook ads are just another way to market and sell goods, it's much more than it. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to make your ad stand out:

It doesn't matter if you have hundreds of followers or fans. If you understand Facebook and make it work for you, anyone can collect valuable leads and attract customers for a minimal investment. 

Below are the 8 best tips I can give you to boost your business with Facebook marketing.

Tip #1: Choose the right marketing objective

You indicate to Facebook what the purpose of your advertisement is. Do you want engagement, reach as many people as possible, downloads from your lead magnet, or maybe sell directly? You do this by choosing your campaign objective.

In 90% of the cases, you choose "conversion"  to collect leads.

If you don't have a good landing page on your site where people can leave their data, choose the option "generate leads" because Facebook offers you a landing page there. And occasionally, when you do a remarketing campaign, you choose "traffic".

Facebook does what exactly you tell it to do. Give Facebook the right objective, and it will start working for you. Facebook is savvy and knows what it has to do to keep you happy.

Tip #2: Target group selection

Because you want as much return as possible on your advertisement, you choose your target group as precisely as possible. You want to shoot sharp and not with hail.

Creating a look-a-like audience is super effective. Facebook knows a lot (everything) about its users, so you can see what the similarities are within a group. 

If you already have a database of people interested in your service or product (email files or website visitors), put Facebook to work looking for 'the same people.

Do you include a video? Then create a target group of people who have watched part or all of your video(s). These people are already familiar with you and will be more willing to provide you with their details.

If you're looking for new leads, exclude your current file (so you don't pay to reach it again).

Tip #3: Campaign budget

Never spend more than 0.1% of your total target audience per day.

So if your target audience is 100,000 people, don't spend more than $100/day. If you cost less, say $25, it will still work. 

Facebook is savvy. I said it already. 

They search within your chosen target group for the people most likely to convert (buy). So if you spend more than 0.1% of your target audience, you don't give Facebook enough leeway to work for you.

Tip #4: Placement

Do not opt for 'automatic placements' (even though Facebook recommends this) but choose 'manual placements' yourself.

Don't worry about the device, mobile, or laptop. Not significant.

Choose 'Facebook News Feed' and turn off the rest. Why? Because I get the best results time and time again with this option. If I try another, it will cost me more – and often a lot more.

Tip #5: Consistency

Pick one thought that appeals to your target audience and ensure everything fits together.

Your ad's title, text, image, or video converge around the topic. Don't bother reinventing the wheel. Please keep it simple so your potential customers can identify it. Reuse the ad's title, image, and text for the landing page.

Tip #6: Give it a chance

Put your ad online and then stay away from it.

Give Facebook a day or three the chance to find the people you are looking for within the (large) target group you have set. Your ad will be shown to a lot of people. 

Facebook sees what the people who convert have in common and uses this to present your ad to the best target groups, the fillers or buyers.

Sometimes Facebook hits the spot, and your ad converts well right away. But certainly not always. Don't stop the ad right away, but be patient. 

Also, do not make any changes to your ad because then Facebook will start the search again from the beginning. Give Facebook time to get to work for you.

Tip #7: If it works, don't fix it

If your ad is going well, stay away from it!

If you tweak your ad while running, it will ruin your results most of the time. If an ad doesn't give a good result, stop it and start over. 

But if it runs well, stay away from it. Let winning ads run as long as they are profitable.

Tip #8: Scale up for profit maximization

If you have used all the previous tips and your ad runs like a spear, you want more.

Your ad in the News Feed will generate your leads (and maybe direct sales). Your Return On Investment is outstanding. 

Every dollar you put into your ad generates several dollars of turnover. So you want to scale up because you want more.

How do you handle this?

Start by creating a 1% look-a-like target group of your leads (your registrations) and create a new advertisement for this (don't touch the winner!).

Or create a new ad with a new target audience. You do not want to choose the same target group for different advertisements because you are competing with yourself to reach this group, and it costs you money.

Create a retargeting campaign. For example, from the people who have visited your landing page but have not entered their details. Or for the people who have added your product to their shopping cart but have not paid.

But let the winning ad run. Stay off it as long as it gives good results.

I hope these tips are valuable to you.